Weekend Dinner Specials

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Weekend Dinner Specials

 ~ Smoked Salmon Quesadilla~

House brined Coho salmon is hickory smoked and stuffed into a flour

tortilla with smoked Gouda cheese and red onions, grilled to

golden brown at topped with house made pico de gallo.

~ Pollo al Adobo Ensalate ~

Pulled chicken breast is stewed with sweet onions in a guajillo

and chipotle chile de arbol tomato salsa, served on romaine

which is tossed in a roasted jalapeno vinaigrette and served with pinto

beans and fried media luna tortillas.

~ Ribeye al Vaquero Con papas ~

12oz Black Angus ribeye steak is rubbed with a house made

chimichurri marinade and placed on a spicy guajillo pepper ranchero

salsa and topped with a small wild organic arugula and shaved jicama

salad  and served with french fries sprinkled with Mexican spices

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